Archangels and the Chakras

Archangels and the Chakras

When you are working with the chakras, the Archangels can be called upon. You can call on them and they will help balance and open your chakras. Here are some of the Arch Angels that connect to the certain chakras as well as the healing stones that go along side. I hope you find this helpful as we continue to creatively explore our chakras.


Visualize this chakra glowing with a translucent ruby-red light. Place your hands gently on this chakra and invite Archangel Sandalphon or the angels of the earth. Picture your energy sinking into the earth to ground you and to set or balance you. He can help you allow yourself to receive. He can help you live with integrity, bring spiritual gifts of prophecy, allow healing, and support manifestation. Sandalphon can help you speak the truth.

Archangel Ariel gives us courage, bravery, focus and confidence.

Archangels Sandalphon and Archangel Ariel

Healing Stones and Crystals-Hematite or Bloodstone


Focus just below your navel and become aware of a translucent orange light glowing in your abdomen. Call on Archangel Chamuel (who helps heal relationships). Chamuel helps us to renew and improve existing relationships as well as finding our soul mates.  He works with us to build strong foundations for our relationships (as well as careers) so they’re long-lasting, meaningful and healthy.  You’ll know he’s with you when you feel butterflies in your stomach and a pleasant tingling in your body. Call on Chamuel to feel more centered and peaceful. Metatron assists you with organizing your priorities.

Archangel  Raguel resolves disputes and creates harmony and order in relationships.
Archangel  Chamuel and Metatron, Arch Angel  Raguel, also a lot of ascended masters and Indian energy come in here

Healing Stones and Crystals-Carnelian or Red Jasper

Gently place your hands on this center about 3 finger widths above your navel. Visualize it radiating energy like the warm, golden sun. Call on Archangel Uriel and the angels of peace if you feel full of tension and stress and ask them to release that and replace it with pure energy.

Call on Archangel Chamuel helps you find a career best suited for your purpose and passion, when working with this chakra that is associated with careers.
Archangel Uriel

Healing Stones and Crystals-Tiger’s Eye or Citrine

Focus on the middle of your chest and visualize a beautiful pink flower unfolding in the midst of translucent glowing green light. Invoke Archangel Chamuel asking that all negative emotions be cleansed. Also call on Archangel Raphael. Raphael helps us breathe and create a healthier lifestyle. Raphael can help you heal yourself or find a healer who can help you heal. Raphael is known as the healing angel, and he gives guidance through our intuitions, thoughts, ideas, dreams and other inner impressions. His name means, “He who heals.”

The Archangel of pure love, Chamuel can lift you from the depths of sorrow and find love in your heart.
Archangel  Raphael

Healing Stones and Crystals-Malachite, Emerald or Rose Quartz

By gently placing your fingertips around your throat and see a glowing blue light shining within. Imagine your throat opening up enabling you to speak your truth and to be who you really are. Call on Archangel Michael, the angel of truth to instill in you the strength and courage to face, express and live your truth. Michael can help you remember who you truly are.

Archangel Zadkiel is the Archangel of clairaudience, call on him to hear spirit better.
Archangel Michael and Archangel Zadkiel

Healing Stones and Crystals-Aventurine or Blue Lace Agate

Focus your attention on the middle of your forehead and feel this area opening up with the pure translucent indigo light awakening your intuition. Call on Archangel Gabriel to give you guidance of your reason for being, your true calling. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger Angel. Gabriel supports writers and journalists. Gabriel supports publishing articles and books. Gabriel also helps you tap into the power of God’s love that pores through you. Gabriel helps you feel safe in your power and protects you in all ways.

Ask the angel of illumination, Archangel Jophiel, to grant you enlightenment and bring you insight and clarity of mind.

Contact Gabriel if your third eye is closed and your spiritual vision is therefore blocked.

Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of clairvoyance, spiritual understanding, and in reclaiming your power.
Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Raziel

Healing Stones and Crystals-Lapis Lazuli or Moonstone

Bringing your attention and focus on top of your head and link to your higher self through the golden white light that radiates from this center. Merge with Archangel Zadkiel and his high frequency violet light. Archangel Zadkiel brings us compassion.

Archangel Zadkiel

Healing Stones and Crystals-Clear Quartz or Amethyst



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