Spiritual Channeling

When channeling, Tesa puts herself aside concisely and opens herself up for spirit to fully be channeled through her.
One of Tesa strengths is looking at your situation objectively, recognize what has happened in the past that is effecting your present, identifying the issues currently holding you back and affecting your future.
Once recognized, Tesa will objectively help you release what needs to be released from your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Tesa will organize solutions to resolve your problems in order to move on in the future.
The first thing Tesa does is pick up on your energy and read who you are as a person. Therefore sometimes for your first reading to fully tap into who you are and your specific situation it is good to schedule a one hour reading.
Through Spirit, Tesa Experiences:
· Clairvoyance or “Clear Seeing”, is the ability to see anything which is not physically present. Through her third eye Tesa sees things as if they were in physical form. It is like seeing a movie or a photograph in her mind.
· Clairsentience or “Clear Sensing”, is the feeling spirit is wanting to get through. Tesa will take on the actual feeling of that spirit on the other side or the person she is reading for. Tesa can also feel health issues and disease that are going on in other peoples bodies.
· Claircognizance or “Clear Knowing”, this is the “gut feeling” . A feeling you just know. It is a feeling most people have. This sometimes will come as feeling that is a right or wrong feeling. Sometimes it will be very strong and other times it will come as a slight sensation.
· Clairaudience or “Clear Hearing”, is the ability to hear spirits. Tesa has the ability to talk to spirits on the other side and their spirit guides telepathically. Sometimes it is like they are sitting right beside her. The spirit will talk to her and through mediumship and channeling Tesawill relay the message on to the recipient.
Tesa is very empathic and sensitive person. That helps her to better see who you are in order to relate and recognize your situation. As a professional she upholds a level of confidentiality. What is discussed in your session is among you and her. There is no judgment only love an understanding. There is nothing too big or too small. Your feelings are important and relative.
Tesa is as accurate and compassionate over the phone as she is in person experiencing all she does guiding and assisting people.
To be more specific the best way to tap into Georgiana is to write specific questions out ahead of time to ask Tesa. Tesa will answer those questions you have within the appointment. Sometimes the best readings are like a two way conversation with your specific questions presented and then answered.
During Your Session, Here Is An Example of What Tesa Can Help You With:
· Struggling though something in your life emotionally
· Connect to your Souls Purpose to further develop a more abundant life
· Guidance or questions about relationships, career, or family
· Enhance your personal life
· Find and connect to someone on the other side
· Making sure your on the “right path”
· Health issues and concerns
· Stuck with a situation and needing objective guidance
· Wanting to become closer to spirit in your life
· Assistance with meditation and techniques
· Releasing Negative Energy and Issues
· Teach you to recognize the issue effecting you and how to release it